the Governor's Arts Award Winners

Elaine Wiggins Howe


2009 recipient, Major Contributor to the Arts

Elaine Wiggins Howe has long been known as a relentless arts advocate for young people in her native community of Roswell.

Primarily an arts educator, Howe retired from her position as Elementary Arts Coordinator for the Roswell Independent School District in 2007 after a 25-year career teaching children with special needs, gifted youngsters and high school students enrolled in studio art.

In 2008 Howe worked with Roswell Museum and Art Center director Laurie Rufe to secure funding to design a program called "Second Saturday: Eyes on Art." The visual arts series links gallery experiences with hands-on activities for students such as ceramics, painting, animation and photography. Taught by professional artists, "Eyes on Art" sessions are held in Roswell Museum classrooms and are free to the students. "Through her endeavors, young minds, hearts and souls have been nurtured, empowered and literally saved," says Laurie Rufe.

In 2001 Howe was awarded the Excellence in Teaching Award, presented by Eastern New Mexico University. The following year she received the Laureate Award for Teaching Excellence from the Roswell Educational Achievement Foundation.