the Governor's Arts Award Winners

Jean Anaya Moya


2014 recipient, Individual Artist

Straw Applique artist, Jean Anaya Moya, is credited with taking this New Mexico art form to the next level. "Her development as an artist has evolved into her becoming recognized as one of our state's finest Santeras," said nominator Woody Gwyn, who received a governor's arts award in 2010. "The high quality and character of the work is, I think, a reflection of the woman herself." Moya's artistic vision is rooted in the traditions of her family life. She lives in the village of Galisteo where she has raised a family, is an active member of the local Catholic parish, and a highly valued member of the Galisteo Volunteer Fire Department, where she has served as fire chief. Moya also is active on the board of the local arts organization, La Sala de Galisteo. Moya said she was drawn to straw applique not just for its religious meaning, but for the technique. Moya said she has been blessed to work with wonderful mentors including Master Santero Felix Lopez, and Spanish Colonial furniture maker Matthew Duran. Moya has received numerous awards including first place for painted bultos at the 2012 Spanish Market in Santa Fe. Other awards include first place in Sculpture in 2011 from the Santa Fe Community College School of Arts and Design, and first place in straw applique at Expo New Mexico in 2010. "Ms. Moya is an artist of extraordinary talent," said Cynthia Forbes Lux of La Sala de Galisteo. "Her ability to paint with straw allows her to tell historic and cultural stories through her art. In this fast paced, throw-away world these stories need retelling and this art form needs advocates. Jeanie is that person all rolled into one."